Charlotte Rush Travel Season

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We have exciting news!

This Saturday, August 17th, is our 2019-2020 kickoff date!

This season begins a new chapter for all players and, this year, will be better than any year before!
We will have 1 full day of celebration for the players .. and their families!

So many surprises in store!

All players will arrive at the building for the schedule times/practices provided to the team managers.

  • Each team will have a table, decorated for that team by their parents. This is a contest! The team with the table most voted for will win a pizza party, paid for by Extreme Ice Center, for the entire team to celebrate following their 1st Saturday home game.
  • All players and their families will be provided with a cook-out meal. The plate will consist of hot dogs, burgers, chips, and a drink. If you have diet concerns of what is being provided you are welcome to bring your own food/snacks.
  • Center Ice Tavern will be open for the day from 10am to 11pm with new beer specials and a full menu. There will be a band set up from 4-7pm for the families to enjoy while the players have practice and team building.
  • There will be a Bouncy House set up all day outside for siblings and players to enjoy and unwind .. this kickoff will be for ALL family members!

With many other surprises in store we look forward to seeing everyone .. especially during the
2:50pm-4:10pm Kickoff Show presented by Tim Donelly!

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