John Smith Memorial Competition

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Hosted by the Carolinas Figure Skating Club!

To be held at the Extreme Ice Center on
Friday, September 13th – Sunday, September 15th
Please come and support your favorite skaters!!

4705 Indian Trail Fairview Rd
Indian Trail, NC 28079


Remembering John Smith

Mr. John Smith was a special person in the lives of many skaters in our community and it’s a wonderful dedication to his memory that Carolinas FSC name this competition in his honor. Mr. Smith passed away in May of 2001. He was a mentor and “grandfather figure” to all the skaters of the former Charlotte Figure Skating Club. Over 25 years ago, Mr. Smith acquired a love and special interest for figure skating and the young skaters of Eastland Mall. He had suffered a heart attack and began walking the mall as part of his recovery. As he would walk by the rink and look down at the skaters jumping and twirling on the ice below, it filled his heart with a new passion. He began coming to the rink watching, supporting and encouraging all the skaters. The skaters were delighted by his interest and appreciated his encouragement. He would come very early in the morning and watch, film and cheer them on for hours. The skaters would bring him souvenirs from the places they visited for competitions and he would wear these proudly. As his health worsened and he couldn’t get down the stairs rink side, he watched from his wheelchair above. After sessions, the skaters would run upstairs and visit with Mr. Smith as he gave them compliments and encouragement. He enjoyed the children as much as they enjoyed him…it was a special relationship. The skaters would visit with Mr. Smith in the nursing home and after his passing, they honored his memory by caroling during the holidays at the nursing home where he lived. As a tribute to this special man, The Charlotte FSC proudly changed their name to the John Smith FSC of Charlotte. He referred to the skaters as the “hope of the future” and his legacy will forever live in the hearts of those that had the privilege of knowing him.

The skaters whose lives he touched will never forget his love for them and their shared passion…figure skating.

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