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Realizing the importance of helping others and playing their part to build a strong connection with the community has always been a mindset in the sport of hockey. There is no exception at the XIC. Community outreach helps each player appreciate the positive impact a person can have through acts of kindness. It opens their eyes to the world around them, not everyone is given the same opportunity.
This 2019-2020 Rush season, beginning today, we will placing a point system on all of our teams; each team will hold accountability, and each team will be asked to contribute.

Every month there will be a new community outreach target, the players are asked to participate and compete against other teams for the most good deeds. The point system (as explained below) will help us keep track and allow for a prizes at the end of each month, a free team building session at Kinetic Heights.

The monthly themes are:

October – Giving Back to the Generations Before Us
We all know someone who could use the extra hand or the TLC. Carry their groceries, rake their leaves, visit them in a retirement community. Spending time with the elderly will help the children appreciate the history that is not written in books .. and in return share a smile.
Please take a photo of your player doing good deeds for points to be rewarded.
November – Common Hearts Food Drive
Last year was such a success we plan to do it again! Common Hearts is a local non-profit organization that collects donated food to help feed our community of Indian Trail. Too many children do not get home-cooked meals, or only eat at school .. we have an opportunity to make a difference! Each team will be competing for the most items collected, last season we were the 2nd highest donation ever made (just shy of the Boy Scouts), and we would like to surpass our numbers this season! Same rules apply – every item counts as 1, unless they can be sold as individuals then the package can be counted as such. More details will be sent when the month draws closer.
December – Hockey Helps the Homeless
Most of us have seen the homeless population around the Charlotte areas increasing over the years, and the sad facts being what they need most are the items we take for granted. Through the month of December we will be collecting toiletries, socks, blankets, and gloves. Most of us travel from time to time and receive free shampoo and soap from the hotels we stay in … why not collect and donate?? There will be a collection behind the front desk for donations, much like the food drive, for the team who brings in the most items.
January – Atrium Health NICU Babies
Levine Children’s Hospital at Atrium Health has one of the most specialized and recognized hospitals in the world for infant care. Unfortunately, the babies residing there are in dire need of love and compassion. Our collection for the month of January is exactly that. We will be collecting receiving blankets and volunteer hours for these tiny tots. 
February – Cystic Fibrosis

Cystic Fibrosis is a hereditary disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. There is no cure, and people with the condition tend to have a shorter-than-normal life span. We would like to raise money for the awareness and research into finding a sustainable treatment. The players will be asked to get creative and work as a team and compete to make an impact. More details to come with examples of past years.

The point system will go as follows:

Community Outreach – 1 point per child participating
No Penalties – 5 points to each game that collects no penalties for your team
Attendance – a form will be supplied at the beginning of each practice to be returned to the front desk, each team will receive 1 point for every full attendance during practice.
In-Rink Volunteers – 1 point per child who willingly volunteers for in-house events or activities (try hockey, learn to skate, S2S fundraisers, etc)
Parent Participation During Games – play music and announce plays, share game wins and photos, etc. (Score keeping is require and not included for points) .. 1 point for each
All photos, questions, and updates should be sent to

Thank you for participating!

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