General Information

The Special Olympics/Adaptive Sports Skills Program is designed for people with intellectual disabilities who may also exhibit any number of physical impairments. The Learn to Skate USA program, along with Special Olympics Figure Skating Badge Program, allows athletes to learn skills in a progressive order and earn badges at each level. Special Olympics provides athletes a unique opportunity to be a part of a unified program.

Classes are on Tuesdays

    • Advanced level: 4:55 PM – 5:20 PM
    • Beginner Level: 4:15 PM – 4:40 PM

Must have approval from Tappie before moving into Advanced Level

All athletes are required to have a Special Olympics Medical Form filled out and kept up-to-date

All athletes are required to purchase a Learn to Skate USA Registration

Scholarships are available on an as-needed basis

Please Tappie Dellinger for further information

How To Become a Volunteer


Special Olympics Badge Program

Badge 1

Stand unassisted, fall and stand, knee dip standing still, march forward 10 steps unassisted.

Badge 2

March forward 10 steps, swizzles at a stand still, backward wiggle, 2-foot glide forward.

Badge 3

Backward wiggle or march, 5 forward swizzles, forward skating across the rink, forward gliding dip.

Badge 4

Backward 2-foot glide, 2-foot jump in place, 1-foot snowplow stop, forward 1-foot glide (left & right).

Badge 5

Forward stroking across the rink, 5 backward swizzles, forward 2-foot curves (left & right), 2-foot turn front to back (in place).

Badge 6

Gliding forward to backward 2-foot turn, 5 consecutive forward 1-foot swizzles on a circle (left and right), backward 1-foot glide (left & right), forward pivot.

Badge 7

Backward stroking, gliding backward to forward 2-foot turn, T-stop, forward 2-foot turn on a circle.

Badge 8

5 consecutive forward crossovers, forward outside edges, 5 consecutive backward 1/2 swizzles on a  circle, 2-foot spin.

Badge 9

Forward outside 3-turns, forward inside edges, forward lunge or shoot the duck, bunny hop.

Badge 10

Forward inside 3-turns, 5 consecutive back crossovers, hockey stop, forward spiral.

Badge 11

Consecutive forward outside edges, consecutive forward inside edges, forward inside Mohawk, consecutive backward outside and inside edges.

Badge 12

Waltz jump, 1-foot spin, step sequence, a combination of three moves chosen from badges 9-12.

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  • All participants must enroll and pay an annual program registration fee ($16 +P&H)
  • Athletes must also pay a $35 registration fee for Early Fall –  Winter and a $35 registration fee for Winter – Spring.
  • Please make sure to keep a record of your LTS USA number for future registrations
  • Registration year is July 1 – June 30
  • Your registration includes an official USFS Basic Skills membership card, progress record book, sports accident insurance, and basic skills edition of Skating magazine

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