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Sessions are available for all skill sets

For adults who are new to skating, Basic Skills is the perfect place to start

    • 4 level program designed with adults in mind
    • Coffee Club

All registrants must sign up for a Learn to Skate USA membership prior to registration of any Learn to Skate programs at Extreme Ice Center. 



Some adults are new to skating and have never taken a lesson, while others have completed on the national level as children.  To get started, or return to the ice, the adult skater has several options ranging from the Basic Skills Program through to proficiency tests and competitions on the local, national and international level.

U.S. Figure Skating Basic Skills has created an introductory skating curriculum for the adult who has never skated.  It is divided into four levels in which beginner adult skaters will progress at an individual rate while being challenged and motivated.  The curriculum is designed specifically to teach the adult skater the basic elements of forward, backward, turns and stops before advancing to more challenging skating moves.  This is an exciting program that can be attended as a group lesson, a coffee club group, or to follow in a private lesson venue.  As a basic skill member, adults may enter Basic Skills Competitions are their level.  This is a great opportunity for adults to showcase the skating elements they have learned.

The best way to be a part of the US Figure skating is to become a member of the local  US Figure Skating Club.  The local club at the Extreme Ice Center is the Carolinas FSC:

Additional Information

For additional information check out the following links:

Private Lesson information, Coaching Staff information and Freestyle Schedules for the more competitive Adult athlete.

Where can I find more information on competitions, test sessions, and other adult skating opportunities?

Information can be found on the US Figure Skating Website at 

Skating magazine also can be a great resource for all types of information, beyond and including the adult figure skaters needs.

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